Three 6 Mafia - We Are Waiting

Three 6 Mafia - Studio Time

Three 6 Mafia - Will Blast

Tommy Lee Sparta - Step Middle Dead

Gucci Mane - Classical Intro

Chief Keef - Laughin To The Bank

DJ Dione - Give Me Pain Til I Die

Chella H - Real Bitch (Ft. Sasha Go Hard)

Travis Barker - Crank That (Remix)

John Maus - Cop Killer

Katy Got Bandz - Lil Bitch

Lil Wayne - I Feel Like Dying

Meek Mill - Dreams And Nightmares Intro

Sicko Mobb - Fiesta

Shady - Go In

DJ Darkness - Go Fuck Your Mother

Chief Keef - Irri (Ft. Lil B)

Z-Ro - One Deep

My friend, Tiffany, set me up. I know she did because I hadn’t spoken to her for awhile until the night it happened and I haven’t spoken to her since that night.
My manager sent me in the front to fold and greet customers when she approached.
I known Tiffany since fifth grade. She started to hang out with her friend, Keisha, and her cousin, Vicky. I never like Vicky because she always stared at me crazy. She was so much bigger than me.
One day in school Keisha approached me in school and she asked me if I’d fucked her boyfriend, Reggie.
Reggie got his number from our mutual friend. He told me him and Keisha broke up and if I wanted to go to prom.
I told him I couldn’t go because I agreed to go with my friend, Corey.
He asked if he could take me out and I laughed it off.
I told her no but she didn’t believe me.
She told me, “I’ma get you, girl.”
By the time I got the job at the mall Reggie and Keisha were back together. She occasionally said hi to me in the hallways, I thought nothing about her.
I talked to Tiffany about everyday shit, we talked about middle school memories, she told me about the dress she had being made for our senior prom. The mall was closing up and I told her I was parked outside the food court entrance when she asked if I needed a ride to my car.

When I looked up from getting my keys out of my purse Keisha, Vicky and Tiffany were sitting on top of my car.
“Hey Mia,” Vicky said as she jumped off the car.
There was nowhere to run so I squared up as I got ran up on.

"That is the difference between me and you.
You pack an umbrella, #30 sun goo
And a red flannel shirt. That's not what I do.
I put the top down as soon as we arrive.
The temperature's trying to pass fifty-five.
I'm freezing but at least I'm alive.
Nothing on earth can diminish my glee.
This is Florida, Florida, land of euphoria,
Florida in the highest degree.
You dig in the garden. I swim in the pool.
I like to wear cotton. You like to wear wool.
You're always hot. I'm usually cool.

You want to get married. I want to be free.
You don't seem to mind that we disagree.
And that is the difference between you and me."

- Fight by Laurel Blossom