It's very easy to lose a tooth. People do it all the time.

I had this dream once where I was running through a hay field and a snake was chasing me. See, I could tell cuz the tall grass was parting in a S pattern behind me.

Anyway so to escape it I jump into a dry riverbed and I hit the ground so hard that I was spitting teeth into my hand.

When I spit them all out and looked at my hand, they were all rocks. My teeth were now smooth round river pebbles. I shreaked and dropped them.

I immediately panic and fling myself to the riverbed, but I am unable to identify my rocky teeth among the rubble.

My memaw wore denchers.

At night she would take them out and put them in a cup next to the bed. She looked sweet without them.

Memaw had a strong twangy east Texas accent, but without her teeth to talk against her voice was soft and slurred.

My name is Emelia and I was born with a gap.

I became embarrassed about it when everyone I went to school with had perfect teeth, so I had it closed when I was 15. A few weeks ago fainted and knocked out my front tooth.

When I went to get it repaired I asked my dentist to give me back my gap. Something I had wanted to do for years only became possible in the nightmarish event of loosing my tooth. I am now discovering something new about my inner beauty... the beauty of a Venusian gap toothed woman.

It has been said that a gap in your teeth is a sign of Venus
So I figured that everything that is said about the prominence of Venus in the palm can also be applied to a gap in the teeth.
In palmistry, The Venusian personality is the most generous and affectionate of all the archetypes. Venusians add brightness and joy to the world. Venusians radiate warmth that invites closeness.
Filled with sympathy for their fellow human beings, Venusians are empathetic. Honest and authentic, they feel for people and with people.

Venusians love to please others, and their tendency to serve can degenerate into being a servant. they often find themselves in a codependent relationship, one in which the needs of the other person takes precedence.

All Venusians need to learn how to say no.

Having healthy boundaries is an essential skill to acquire— not an easy thing them to do.
The best advice to give to them is this: "Sometimes saying no to someone else is like saying yes to yourself."
Venusians bring so much joy into the lives of others they must learn that it is not a sin to protect their own happiness.

The shamanic blowing rose technique is a good practice to do if you are a Venusian gap toothed woman It is useful when their is someone who may wish to take advantage of your kind heart and your bright mind.
Hold the vision of the rose in front of you, in front of the person who seeks your heart. Look into their eyes and when they reach for your heart they will mistake it for the beautiful rose. They will be deceived and you will surely remain free with your heart intact, safe in your possession.

Shaman Avalon Sakti

I am
beauty with power
and power with love
rooted deep in dark Earth
Bathed in bright light above

behold my soft petalled blossoms
filled with essence divine
beware of my fierce throned branches
faithfully guarding what is mine

I heal, I empower, I break sorcery’s spell
Learn from me balance and boundaries
as well
I uplift the downtrodden, I strengthen the weak
Come embrace me if beauty, love and power you seek!
I am the wild rose!

Emelia McKay and Rachael Milton