OutKast - Hold On, Be Strong

Young Thug - Bestfriend

G.O.O.D. Music - Higher (ft. The-Dream, Pusha T, Ma$e, and Cocaine 80s)

Wanda Jackson - Funnel of Love (played at 33 rpm)

Faye Wong - Dreams (The Cranberries Cover)

Lil B - California Boy

Rufus - Everlasting Love (ft. Chaka Khan)

Sly and The Family Stone - Everybody Is A Star

The Delfonics - La La Means I Love You

Suicide - Dream, Baby, Dream

Boys Next Door - Shivers

Aphrodite’s Child - End of The World

“She taught me how to climb…I showed her how to dangle.
She helped me learn how to read, and I showed her how to swing.
Sometimes, we’d just sit out and wait for the stars.”

- Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump

The meeting of a Capricorn and an Aquarius.

Seneca and Anne were born The Week of Dominance 2,000 miles and a week apart. Throughout that week there were reports of thunderstorms and forest fires.

“The first fire I started I was four years old. It was a complete accident.I was upset by a classmate who stole my crayons. I asked for them back but she said no. My vision blurred and when it became clear the little girl’s skirt was on fire. I knew I was the cause of the fire but I didn’t say anything. It happened again before my father realized it was me. I was the fire starter.”

Anne, Capricorn

“It wasn’t like I went around setting fires with my eyes but it happened. I’d stare at something for awhile when I was upset, black out then there would be a fire. I was six years old at a family barbeque and I was able to make my cousins levitate. I healed easily. I could make people nose bleed, I could make people cry blood.When I met Anne she carried a switchblade like me. I heard thunder. She lit a cigarette, asked me if I smoked. I didn’t smoke but I took the cigarette and lit it with my eyes. There was another clap of thunder and she laughed at me. She took the cigarette and smoked it. ‘Not bad,’ she said, ‘You’re a little slow at that. You must have another power you’re better at.’”

Seneca, Aquarius

“She couldn’t lite a cigarette for shit but I was impressed she could start a fire with her eyes. She didn’t scare me, she didn’t excite me either. The feeling I had when I met Seneca was ‘where the fuck have you been, my friend?’ It was natural. I tried to go back into past lives to see where I knew her from but there is something about our relationship that is present. I showed her all the things I could do and she showed me what she could do. We both could fly. None of the Harry Potter bullshit I yearned for. There isn’t special school for witches. There isn't an alternative universe. We have to deal with reality. I didn't sign the devil's book to receive my powers. I was born with them. I found someone born with them as well.”

Anne, Capricorn

“ We can form into one another in a room of people. A two headed Medusa of wild thick curly hair and heavy bones. Our skin turns gray and two spines intertwine, we become strong but hunchback. Our nails fall off, one eye brown, one eye green, we howl. We smell fear and hear evil. We laugh out of one mouth. I watched Anne kill her enemies without weapons, I have killed mine the same. It's more work without the gun but it is fun being able to kill them slowly. A roast from the inside out. My uncle said when he was a little boy he watched his best friend die. The boy was electrocuted, my uncle told me ‘He smelled like bacon.’ When I kill from the inside of the soul to the outer layer of the flesh I smell bacon. I tell Anne the truth as her head comes out my shoulder blade, my legs pop out her rib. We're a monster. The people pull back. They gawk and the weaker ones scream. I can feel Anne arms in my kidney, her feet balled up in my thigh reminding me she is my sister when we become Capris.”

Seneca, Aquarius